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Order my newest book now!

Just Ask Us: Kids Speak Out on Student Engagement

My newest book shares the results of my nationwide survey of 6th-12th graders. In that survey, I asked one simple question: What engages you as a learner? The responses came from states all over the country and from every school model, from traditional public schools to charter schools, from private schools classes to homeschooled students, from rural munities to urban centers.? With every response, I soon realized that are all asking that teachers utilize the same strategies. ?These requests became the focus of the chapters of the book. ?Just Ask Us is full of quotes from the students themselves, research from those in academic circles, videos into classrooms to see each strategy in action, and lessons from across the subject areas to try yourself. ?The panion website also includes a downloadable survey for your own students so that you can start on a journey to be the engaging teacher that you can be.? Order now!

Just Ask Us: Kids Speak Out on Student Engagement


Contact Me

?Interested in customized workshops in student engagement and implementation strategies?

Interested in learning more about technology integration, Project-Based Learning, and leveraging student interests in your content area?

Interested in learning more about the tween, their brain, and strategies to engage even the most distracted learner?

Interested for your staff to learn more about curating, in a useful way, all of the resources that are out there?

Interested in your department or district to learn more about designing and implementing face-to-face and/or blended curriculum?



Contact me for options for parent groups, private schools, public schools, or any model in-between.





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